The Voice Nigeria : Top 12 candidates #TeamBayn

Knowing how thrilling the music scene is in Nigeria and how big their industry is, I decided seven weeks ago to follow this second season of The Voice “Naija”. Initially, I started by watching the show just for entertainment as I enjoy shows that revolve around music and then later on came up with the idea of forming my own team. Also, I thought that watching this show could be an opportunity for me to observe and compare the development and professionalism in the field of media and particularly TV broadcasting in Africa as “The Voice” is known for being a popular show across the globe with versions in Australia, Brazil, France, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States etc.

The concept is the same everywhere; there are four coaches (usually popular singers), the competition starts with blind auditions at the end of which each coach ends up with 12 talents, then they proceed to the battle duets where the coaches form 6 duets within their teams and each talents within a duet compete each other. Typically what happens is that the best vocalists remain in the competition. Afterwards, they start airing the show live whereas the coaches and the spectators (through sms and/or online vote) get to eliminate candidates steps after steps until the final. At the end, the winner goes back home with an important sum of money and a record deal with a major music label.

Last year, I wasn’t able to watch the first season of The Voice Nigeria and it makes me have some regrets as it is certain that I missed a lot. Nevertheless, I decided to bounce back this year and share with you my experience of the show.  This season, the coaches are four of Nigeria’s finest music artistes : Patoranking, Timi Dakolo, Waje and Yemi Alade. The blind auditions ended last week, and I have managed to come up with my own team of 12 talents. It wasn’t easy to decide on who to choose as I have to admit that I have been moved by a good amount of performances. Sometimes, I even found myself going through the music streaming application on my phone to download some of the songs I heard on the show.

To come up with my list, I watched all the performances on the show’s Youtube channel (all the highlight heels they released after each episode) and every time I felt moved, I jotted down the names of the participants before the end of their performances. On average I would write down three names per episode in order to review all of them at the end of the blind auditions and come up with a list of twelve potential winners. The aim of the game being to follow the trajectory of the listed participants and predict the future winner, while reviewing what was to be my final list of potential winners, I realised that nearly forty percent of the names on my list were in Waje’s team, so I had to balance everything. Based on their vocal control, their capacity to pass on emotions to an audience and the uniqueness of their interpretation, I came up with this list of twelve names that will constitute my team. Each official coach has three talents in my team in order for me to maximise my chances of predicting the winner of The Voice Nigeria season two. I know it is a big risk for me to come out in public with such a list, but I am confident about my tastes.

1. Favour Idugbe #TeamPato


2. Itunu Ogunyemi #TeamPato

3. Kessydriz #TeamPato


4. Blessed Eke #TeamTimi


5. Emmanuel Precious #TeamTimi


6. Sandra Osamor #TeamTimi


7. Arewa Comfort #TeamWaje

8. Efezino #TeamWaje

9. Wilson Odini #TeamWaje

10. Oge #TeamYemi

11. Olla #TeamYemi

12. Wolei #TeamYemi

Musically yours,



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