About me

Here is a short note about me:

B.A.Y.N is the acronym of my full name and stands for Brice Arsène Yonkeu N. I am a 20yo hyperactive and afroptismist Cameroonian currently studying in France. Despite my deep interests in politics, business and entrepreneurship in Africa, I have always been passionate about music.  As I was turning twenty last June, I questioned myself about what is it that I love the most and could share with family, friends and strangers. Even though music was the first thing that popped up in my mind, I had a huge dilemma between creating a general blog where I could share my opinion and/or point of view on different matters ranging from political to cultural topics or creating a music blog. Nonetheless, given that I already have other platforms to express my thoughts on those (politics), I ultimately decided to create a blog where I could talk exclusively about music, sharing my own analysis and point of view on subjects related to African music.

In Cameroon, when a woman gives birth, she is told that once the baby is welcomed among us to the world, the baby is no longer the mother’s baby but the whole family’s. Bayn’s music is born , let’s all take care of it. Subscribe, comment and share. Let’s give African music the attention it deserves!


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