Back to School Playlist (Afrobeats)

This is the time of the year where people get sad and nostalgic about their holidays because school is resuming. Fortunately, getting back to school also means meeting our friends, catching up on what happened during the break and also back to school partying for people who are in college or university. The last point is the most interesting for me as it concerns music and this … Continue reading Back to School Playlist (Afrobeats)

Note sur le blog.

Mon approche à la musique sera très critique et analytique car je pense que si nous voulons une industrie fructueuse, c’est-à-dire qui profite aux artistes, qui donne le mérite aux artistes, qui crée du travail de qualité (c’est-à-dire qui crée des emplois stables) pour les populations, nous devons donner à la musique africaine toute l’attention dont celle-ci mérite. Continue reading Note sur le blog.